A Database Driver for MySQL Protocol

A Database Driver for MySQL Protocol project page

This is a native Smalltalk wire protocol implementation for connecting to the MySQL database. This supports the new 4.1 wire protocol, along with server side prepared statements and cursor based row data fetch capabilities.

This protocol driver is used in the StdbCore API implementation for MySQL.

See also: StdbCore (recommended API), StdbMysqlImpl (recommended API implementation)

How to run the tests

You will need to set up the test user account and permissions for running the tests included in the package. Please check the StdbMysqlImpl project description page on more details of user account creation and tests. Note that this project does not depend upon the other project, and can be used and tested on its own. Only the test account credentials set up is the same for both.

Please do not run the tests in MySQL strict mode, since that will raise errors for any warning conditions that the tests attempt to generate, and will also fail when inserting null into columns of certain data types. Those tests which depend upon these scenarios will fail if you run the tests in strict mode.