A Database API Implementation for MySQL

A Database API Implementation for MySQL project page

A MySQL Implementation of the Stdb API

This is an implementation of the database connectivity API defined in the Stdb-Core package. It uses the MySQL protocol driver in StdbMysqlProcol project

See also: StdbCore (required), StdbMysqlProtocol (required)


Known limitations:

Packages required:

Package Loading Dependencies:

The package loading order should be: (1) Stdb-MysqlProtocol and Stdb-Core (both must be loaded, but can be loaded in any order), followed by (2) Stdb-MysqlImpl when loading from the Montecello repository.

Where the tests are:

The protocol driver and the API implementations have a comprehensive test suite. All tests are included in the packages. There are almost 200 tests covering many aspects of the MySQL protocol and the Stdb API implementation. Bulk of these tests are for the protocol driver, while the rest are for the Stdb API implementation.

Development & Test Environments

The code has been developed & tested in the following environment(s):

How to run the tests:

Majority of the tests assume the presence of a MySQL server already running in default host, i.e., the localhost. It is also necessary to create the test username and password used, along with granting appropriate permissions to that user. The test specification is defined in the MysqlTestResource class side. If you are using a non-default configuration for the tests then you will have to change those settings.

You will need to be a user with admin privileges (e.g., root) in order to successfully set up the test user account.

At this point you are ready to run the tests from the test runner.