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Login and account management for Seaside


Project Description

This package provides basic user authentication, registration, and account management for Seaside.

Features include:

  • User login component with username and password text fields, forgot username, forgot password, register, and login buttons.
  • User registration component with optional BowWave reCaptcha spambot protection.
  • Edit account settings component allows user to change username, password, email address and application-specific properties.
  • Optional email confirmation for registration and account changes. Email content is provided by the host application. Examples are included.
  • Multi-part HTML/plain text email.
  • Configurable confirmation email timeouts and cookie retention periods.
  • Forgot username and forgot password support.
  • New password validation by the host application (to enforce password rules like minimum-length, etc.)
  • Options to allow empty passwords, remember username in cookie, and automatic login on return to the website.
  • Host application can provide login filter block for such things as disabling accounts or limiting login frequency.
  • Host application can use TFLogin's email confirmation mechanism for application-specific purposes.
  • Additional user-related objects may be included in the account edit form.
  • Persistence is provided by a storage adaptor that can be replaced with the persistence mechanism of your choice. The provided default file storage adaptor scales to 100,000 users. Each user's information is saved in a separate versioned file.
  • An application properties dictionary is provided that allows you to store and retrieve additional objects along with the user account information.
  • All settings are available in the Seaside configuration page.
  • Test/demo application included.
  • TFLogin Guide document included.

Tested with Seaside 3.0.3 and Pharo 1.1.1. Email does NOT work with prior versions of Seaside.

All feedback is welcome.

See http://www.tonyfleig.com/smallthoughts/tfloginguide for the complete TFLogin Guide document.


Creator:Tony Fleig
Admin:Tony Fleig


pharo, seaside, server


location: 'http://www.squeaksource.com/TFLogin'
user: ''
password: ''


  • TF-Login
  • TF-Login-Tests





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